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About Luminosa

Est. October 2018


Luminosa- radiance, light


Hi Everyone, 

My name is Laura McDermott, I'm 21, and I'm the owner and sole operator of Luminosa Clothing. I am so unbelievably grateful that I get the chance to do this! For the past six years, I have been suffering from chronic daily headaches after a serious injury and have since developed a growing list of chronic illnesses. As I am continuing on my journey to heal, creating Luminosa has given me that light I have been looking for all these years.  

My ultimate goal is to help others find their light, especially when they feel like they're in the dark. I want Luminosa to highlight the beauty in each and every one of my customers. The Luminosa brand and lifestyle encompasses feeling comfortable and confident, regardless of what one is going through.

I'm the only employee here at Luminosa and do almost everything myself. I fill your orders, write back to your emails, model the clothes, and the list goes on. I can now add fashion designer to my job description with the creation of my eco friendly Luminosa Exclusives collection. I sew those items here in Pennsylvania and cannot wait to continue exploring that passion of mine!

My amazing best friends help model for Luminosa, as well as my beautiful customers who send me their pictures. My mom has to get her shout out because she is such a big help, especially when I'm not feeling well. It's a tiny community behind the scenes, but because of you Luminosa has grown into something I never thought possible at this point.

Luminosa is continuously evolving and I couldn't be more excited for the future! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting my business; you've all influenced my life in the most positive way. I am forever grateful.

Let me know if you need anything or just want to chat, I'm always here and I can't wait to meet you! Contact Me




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