How do I post my Luminosa on Instagram to get my next order discounted? How do I get featured?

*Luminosa must be tagged within 2 hours of when you posted the picture. Story pictures don’t qualify for the 20% off coupon code, but I'll definitely repost them on Luminosa's story!

Here's how to get your next order discounted:

If your instagram is public- 

Post a picture of your Luminosa on your feed and tag @luminosaclothing. I will DM you the coupon code! 

If your instagram is private- 

Post a picture of your Luminosa on your feed and tag @luminosaclothing. DM me a screenshot of your picture with the tag. I will respond with your coupon code!


When I message you, I'll ask for permission to repost your picture on my account. It's up to you if you want to be reposted, there's no pressure at all! Please know that if your Luminosa isn't completely visible in the picture, or the item is sold out, I might not be able to post it.


All tagged posts including your Luminosa item(s) will receive the coupon code and you can get the 20% off discount twice. 

Do you collaborate with Instagrammers or Youtubers?

No, Luminosa does not have any ambassador programs, modeling, partnership, or sponsorship opportunities. Due to the high volume of messages, I might not be able to reply sorry! Read more here

What is sizing based on? 

Sizing information is listed here. Measurements for each product and its sizes are listed in the product description. Email or Contact Me for additional questions!

I'm unsure of what size to get, what happens if I get multiple?

I know how hard it can be to guess sizing online so you can read about purchasing two of the same item here. Don't hesitate to ask me questions to help with sizing here!

My order will be a gift, can I get it wrapped? Will there be prices listed?

All Luminosa orders are wrapped like the picture below and come with a packing slip. No prices are listed on the slip. Select gift wrapping in your cart and write an optional note. 


The item I want is out of stock in my size, will it be restocked?

When things do restock, it is usually after all sizes have sold out. Please understand that sometimes, I am unable to restock certain styles as it isn't always in my control. I try my best though!

Where is my package? 

To track your order, log into your Luminosa account. Select your most recent order and there will be a USPS tracking number. Additional info on shipping here. Info on lost/stolen packages here.

Why haven't I received a confirmation email for my order?

If you don't receive an email that probably means your email that was inputted while placing the order is incorrect. Contact Me if you think it might be wrong and I will change it! Also check your spam folder!!

My package is lost/missing, what do I do?

If you suspect your package is lost in the mail, USPS may be able to help here.

Luminosa is not responsible for lost/stolen packages, as that is totally out of my control. Read more here.

How do I redeem a gift certificate? 

If you receive a gift certificate, there is a code in the top right corner. That code can be applied at checkout to deduct the amount your certificate is worth. You can use the code multiple times until your balance becomes $0.

How do I redeem store credit? 

Store credit is uploaded to your account. When you log in, a message will appear with the amount of store credit you have available. At checkout, in the "Payment" section, there will be a box you can check to use your store credit. 

Store credit does not expire and you can use your balance on multiple orders, until it reaches zero.

What is your return policy? 

Luminosa's return instructions are written HERE

I received an item that is damaged, can I get a replacement?

Yes and for free! If your exact item is no longer in stock, a refund will be issued. See more instructions HERE

How will my return be refunded? 

All refunds are given in the form of store credit.

If you order multiple sizes of the same item for sizing purposes and need to return one, your credit card can be refunded. 

How long does shipping take?

These delivery windows are accurate most of the time, but please note these are estimates. I cannot 100% guarantee delivery dates.

First Class Mail (only available for lighter packages) takes 2-3 business days. 

Parcel Select Ground takes 2-8 business days. 

Priority Mail takes 1-3 business days.

Priority Mail Express is the fastest form of delivery. Guaranteed 1 or 2-Day delivery. Your package will be delivered by 3pm.

When will my package be shipped? 

Orders will most likely be shipped within 2 business days via USPS. You'll get an email when your order is shipped, then you can track your package.

What are shipping costs based on? 

All shipments are based on weight. The weight of each item is listed under the article's price on the right side of the page. 

Where does Luminosa ship? 

Currently I am only shipping domestically within the United States. 

Who designs the clothes? 

As of right now, these clothes are not designed by Luminosa. They are designed in the U.S., Europe, and Australia and are manufactured internationally. If you're interested in ethically/domestically made items, click here

If I live nearby, can I pick up my order? 

Order pickup is not available. 

Your question wasn't answered? Contact me here or by email:

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